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Bunion Surgery with NO VISIBLE SCARS!


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Treating Brachymet
Frequent Questions



What age can my child have this surgery?

Surgery for brachymetatarsia can be performed once the bones have matured. This is typically between the ages of 14-16 years old.  Surgery should never be attempted before the growth plates close, otherwise the surgery will have to be repeated later in life.

Can I do both feet at the same time?

With One-stage surgery only one foot can be operated on at a time. The surgery can take up to four hours to perform for one foot. If one were to attempt surgery for both feet that would be 8 hours in surgery under anesthesia which would create a high risk for blood clots or other complications. 

Are there any doctors in my area that you can refer me to? 

Unfortunately, there are very few surgeons in the world who specialize in brachymetatarsia and even fewer who routine perform One-Stage corrections.  There is no association for those who perform brachymetatarsia surgery so Dr. Lee does not know other surgeons who he can feel comfortable referring to. This is why so many patients throughout the U.S. and across the world come to visit Dr. Lee every month in order to experience this life changing transformation.

How much does the surgery cost?

The cost for this surgery is based on the complexity of the surgery. Once Dr. Lee has reviewed your x-rays and medical record and spoken with you, he can instruct his staff to obtain an estimate of the surgical costs.  Surgery is often covered by health insurances and co-payments would be based on you individual policy. Our staff may be able to assist you in determining your potential out-of-pocket costs once Dr. Lee consults on your case.

What is the average length of recovery?

With both One-Stage or External Fixation surgery the estimated healing process is 14-16 weeks in a non-weight bearing cast (no weight on the foot using crutches). The specific amount of time depends on how fast your bones heal. This is verified by x-rays taken at 3-4 week intervals.

How many cases has Dr. Lee performed?

Dr. Lee has performed brachymetatarsia surgeries since 1995 and has performed well over 250 cases. He averages 3-4 cases per month.

How do I begin the process of traveling to Arizona for surgery?

Start by clicking on this link for travel instructions...

Why is Dr. Lee able to perform One-Stage surgery when my doctor says that they cannot do it because I  could lose my toe?

Dr. Lee bases his One-Stage technique on scientific peer reviewed research performed during the 1980's and 1990's. Based on these research papers he modified and improved the technique to prevent and avoid the drawbacks of the published methods.  With support of OsteoMed Corporation and Synthes Corporation, Dr. Lee designed and developed instrumentation and custom fixation devices to make available to his patients a consistently safe and effective method of achieving foot restoration.

My doctor says that I could lose my toe with the surgery. Is that true?

Utilizing traditional techniques (which your doctor is most likely familiar with) can potentially cause the blood vessels in the toe to shut down causing a loss to a toe. Dr. Lee's technique, however, avoids the common pitfalls by incorporating a method which stabilizes the vessels during distraction. Additionally, he uses special instruments and fixation hardware to secure your bones in place without the use of steel pins or rods penetrating outside of the body.

















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