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Bunion Surgery with NO VISIBLE SCARS!


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Treating Brachymet
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A condition characterized by an overlying toe on the foot is actually the result of a shortened long bone of the foot (metatarsal).  The condition is a growth defect (not a birth defect) developing with age starting at ages 6-12. This defect increases in severity until bone maturity is reached at around 16 years of age. Patients suffer not only from physical pain on the foot, but also severe embarrassing and emotional injury. Individuals ultimately are forced not to participate in those activities where other will see their feet. Few people outside of those affected understand the depth of this suffering. Having treated hundreds of patients, Dr. Lee knows first hand the liberating effect of Brachymetatarsia Restoration. Patients all over the world now enjoy barefoot summers on the beach, cute little sandals, and relaxing pedicures.


An Innovative Approach

Dr. David Lee began working with brachymetatarsia patients in 1995.  That year, he performed his first procedure using instruments not designed specifically for bone lengthening. Despite the difficulty, he was able to achieve remarkable results with a few patients. Word of mouth spread to those affected by the condition and by 1997 Dr. Lee was consulting and treating patients every month. In a few short years patients were being treated every week and coming from nearby cities , states, and as far as Europe. Today, patients travel from all over the world to participate in his vision for transforming those afflicted.

Surgical Innovation and Evolution- Specialized titanium plates and instrumentation of Dr. Lee's design have enable marked advancements in the technology of One-stage Brachymetatarsia correction. The risks and complications previously associated with One-stage correction are now dramatically reduced making it safer and more effective than External Fixation. Today, patients are able to leave the surgical center after a few hours with their toe length restored instead of waiting months! No fussy, cumbersome and threatening metal bars to adjust. Just a peaceful healing period knowing that your foot is now complete.



These are actual patient photos of Dr. Lee's Innovative Restorative Foot SurgeryTM  One-Stage Brachymetatarsia Surgery.




Below are photos published from members of our Discussion Forum September, 2006.

These are one stage brachymetatarsia procedures




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